Saturday, June 16, 2007


I am Maryannlucy, and I have messed up on the heel of Vog On #1. So I have to tink and try again. I am enjoying knitting it. These are my first toe ups, and I have decided that despite not concentrating ont he heel, that I love toe-ups. No sewing!
I think I also messed up trying to get the photo on. Anyway, the first one is nearly finished - thank goodness for patience, frogging and trying again ;-) so I will post that later when it is done.
I spent all of yesterday getting my stash photo'd and put onto Ravelry - I then spent the evening hanging my head in shame after I saw exactly what I have got!! and trying to understand why I can't let it go, despite the fact I will probably never use some of it EVER. This morning I thought I would sort out some boxes to put some of the stash in, and then realised I had missed another box hidden in the bedroom. I haven't looked in it yet (I will save that for later), but let's face it, it can't be good if I didn't even remember it.

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herzeleidknits said...

The pic is not showing up. Since I think I fixed the blog "bug" you should be able to post it again. Sorry about the blog mess up.