Saturday, August 18, 2007

sock swap 'vog ons complete

A delicious lacy confection in mouth-wateringly juicy shades of orange. I wish I didn't have to send these socks away. The yarn is the Koigu I bought during the fall TTC Knitalong, and though I wanted to keep it, no other sock plans worked out for this round of the 'palooza. Thus I gave in, grabbed the yummy orange and the trusty pattern (I hear the designer thinks just like me) and got to work. My housewarming party derailed my progress the week before the deadline, and so these socks are more than a week late going out. I hope the recipient thinks that they're worth it.

this is why I didn't take the pictures when I submitted the pattern.

x-posted from my blog, where there is a bonus picture of the sock on vacation!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Vog On" Bluebird of Friendlliness

This is a wonderful pattern. Not too easy but you can still have a conversation or watch tv while knitting. I used a 100% mercerised Cotton. The pattern and especially the cast on row held up quite well.

Yarn: Jaeger - Aqua Cotton - Color 329 Salvia
Needle: 5 Size 2 Brittany dp's
Pattern: Vog On - Knitty Summer 2007